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Healthy Habits

Have you ever tried to develop a new habit? It can be so hard to try something new and stick to it. Whether its working out 20 minutes a day, eating healthier, spending more quality time with the ones we love,

limiting our screen/social media time or something else, creating new habits can really move our life in the direction we want to go.

I've found that replacing an existing bad or unwanted habit with a new habit is the easiest way to start something new, and much easier than starting a new habit on its own. The key for me is to get the "21 day mark" and by than, it starts to become second nature and is much easier to stick with.

Here are some healthy habits that I've found have helped me:

-Replace all drinks at meals with water(Milk, Soda, Juice etc)

-Fill up two 1-liter bottles of water and pack in my lunch bag each day

-Find healthy snacks I enjoy(Hummus, Greek Yogurt with Fruit and Granola) and pack in my lunch daily

-Pack a lunch every day

-Eat 5 times a day instead of 3

-Replace Social Media Scrolling with research on a specific topic I've been meaning to check out

What are some habits that you've found help you be the best version of yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

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